Irmscher wins Top Cars 2006 prize Remshalden, December 2006

The Irmscher Astra GTC orange wins first place in the Auto Bild readers’ sports cars poll

The Irmscher Astra GTC has won the ‘small and compact class’ section of the readers’ poll in the Auto Bild sportscars magazine, published by Axel Springer. By taking first place in the vote for the Top Cars of the Year 2006, Irmscher has proven once again that its team has its fingers on the pulse of the times. No less than 15,000 readers gave it their thumbs up.

For an artist, there is no praise greater than rapturous applause. For an engineer, this kind of applause translates to winning a readers’ poll conducted among automobile fans. And so we are of course suitably proud of our achievement.

Not that our victory was down to luck. The Irmscher Astra GTC reflects the feel and lifestyle of 2006. Orange is meanwhile the colour of choice among many manufacturers interested in setting their more unusual models apart from the rest. Irmscher was one of the first companies to notice the emerging trend back in 2005. The carbon-effect leather upholstery, combined with the orange-coloured seats, serves skilfully to convey the feel of the bodywork’s colouring into the vehicle’s interior. The aluminium pedals, leather steering wheel, handbrake knob and aluminium central console underline the harmony of the interior design while emphasising the car’s sporting character. The additional technical features of the winning car, like the engine with the increased power output of 265 bhp, the low chassis, the 19” GT star wheels and duplex exhaust left a lasting impression in the minds of motoring journalists. For example, in the words of flash “...the immense torque that the Irmscher version has available effectively doubles your enjoyment. Even the lightest touch on the accelerator results in a corresponding reaction from the engine...” Regarding the vehicle’s power, Opel Tuning writes “... after only a few metres, all the hormones were flowing that you need so that you find your car simply wicked....“ and sport auto confirmed “...its performance races past that of the original OPC in all gears and at all speeds...“

The Irmscher bodywork package, consisting of front spoiler lip, radiator grille, side skirts, roof spoiler and rear diffuser accentuate the dynamic contours of this three-door Astra.

All in all many good reasons to deny the competition the top position.

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