The results are in guys....they are as follows! redmist had the top bhp of the day in regards to astras, the monaro had the top BHP of the day tho with 407!


Name: Steve Fox
Username: Fox
Car: Mk4 Astra 1.8 SXi
Veccy Pipe & K & N filter, Scorpion Back Box,Remus Centre, Remap

Estimated BHP: 125 Actual BHP: 143

Name: Jim
Username: Hotrod
Car: Zafira GSI
Vectra C Intake Pipe, Derestricted air box, Jete Panel Filter, LFM derestricted precat pipe, Miltex cat back, Forge bleed valve

Estimated BHP:
205 Actual BHP 216

Name: Dave Hart
Username: Dave…GSi
Car: Mk4 Astra GSI
Air Box Modifications, Vectra intake, panel filter, back box, Baileys dump valve

Estimated BHP: 197 Actual BHP 200

Name: Kevin Theaker
Username: sri_kev
Car: Mk4 Astra Sri Turbo
Derestricted Air Box, Courtney Sport panel filter, iridium IX plugs, Power Pipe and Baileys Dump Valve

Estimated BHP: 189 Actual BHP 183

Kevs Sri was very poorly and his turbo was on the way out hence the poor reading

Name: Jonathon
Username: Jon.Sri-T
Car: Mk4 Astra Sri Turbo
Derestricted air box, vectra air intake pipe, courtney panel filter, bailey dump valve

Estimated BHP: 190 Actual BHP 196

Name: Munki_69
Username: Lou
Car: Mk4 Astra 1.6 8v
Rmeus Centre Pipe, Irmscher back box, vectra C intake, panel filter

Estimated BHP: 85 Actual BHP 92

Name: Adam Fielding
Username: Q22ube
Car: Mk4 Astra 1.4
viper air induction kit, remus cat back

Estimated BHP: 90 Actual BHP 91

Name: Mike Jackson
Username: Redmist
Car: Astra Coupe Turbo
Courtney CS1 remap, rossi sports cat, NGK spark plugs, courtney panel filters, vectra air intake

Estimated BHP: 230 Actual BHP 243

Name: James
Username: Scunnycoupe
Car: Mk4 Astra Coupe
Vectra C Intake, courtney panel filter, pre cat removed, diblas cams, bastuck exhaust

Estimated BHP: 170 Actual BHP 161

Mark Green
Username: AstraGSI Mark
Car: Astra Gsi Turbo
De-restricted air box, vectra c intake pipe, pre cat

Estimated BHP: 197 Actual BHP 199

Paul Hulme
Username: Hulmie C20let
Car: Calibra Turbo
K & N, Exhaust, Uprated actuator, recon turbo, samco boost pipes, forge dump valve

Estimated BHP: 230 Actual BHP 211

Name: Craig Richardson
Username: rico-sri
Car: Mk2 Astra Sri Turbo
courtney panel fmic, remap, courtney pre cat, de cat, irridum spark plugs, miltek cat back, diblas manifold

Estimated BHP: 260 Actual BHP 220

Name: Jon Dacunha
Username: coupe_turbo_jon
Car: Mk4 Astra Coupe Turbo
Diblas Air Intake, K & N Panel Filter, Irridum plugs, boost pipe and dump valve, front decat, full cat back, Cobus Remap

Estimated BHP: 225 Actual BHP 228

Name: Chris Mansfield
Username: Sparco
Car: Mk4 Astra Coupe Turbo
Vectra Intake, airbox mods, courtney panel filter, bluflame cat back, pre cat, cobus remap, Irridum spark plugs and baileys dump valve

Estimated BHP: 230 Actual BHP 231

Name: Mark Barrett
Username: Mark7284
Car: Mk3 CDX 2.0

Estimated BHP: 135 Actual BHP: 130

Name: Andrew Brown
Username: GSI-ANDY
Car: Mk4 Astra GSi
Precat, cat back system, induction kit

Estimated BHP: 205 Actual BHP 218

Name: Jamie
Username: Jammy
Car: Mk4 Astra 2.2 Sri
Remus centre pipe, irridum plugs, K & N, Vectra C Intake pipe, De restricted airbox

Estimated BHP: 147.5 Actual BHP 153

Name: John
Username: No internet access
Car: VXR Monaro V8
Full cat back exhaust, race headers, remapped stage 3

Estimated BHP: 400 Actual BHP 407

Name: Matthew Bagnall
Username: Mb0809
Car: Ford Fiesta Zetec-s
K & N Induction Kit

Estimated BHP: 103 Actual BHP 107

Name: Raitty
Car: MG ZR
K & N SUperchip,backbox

Estimated BHP: 160 Actual BHP 163

Name: Ben
Car: Saxo VTR
4 Branch Manifold, straight through exhaust, reprofiled cam, enclosed air filter

Estimated BHP: 105 Actual BHP 120

Name: Graham
Car: Subaru imprezza

Estimated BHP: 240 Actual BHP 279

Name: Richard
Username: Yet to register!
Car: Mk4 Astra GSI
Power Pipe, dump valve, vectra c air intake, courtney panel filter, pre cat removed

Estimated BHP: 200 Actual BHP 209

Name: James
Username: He couldnt remember
Car: Mk4 Astra 2ltr SRi
Englarged throttle body, K&N

Estimated BHP: 136 Actual BHP 139