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Thread: Pics wanted of Y20DTH

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    Pics wanted of Y20DTH

    As people may ( or may not, as there's been little or no progress lately) remember, I'm currently (in a loose sense of the word) converting my 2.0Di estate - X20DTL engine - to a Y20DTH engine, with new turbo/intercooler etc.

    Thing is I've hit a bit of a snag...

    Before christmas I had the whole engine out and a mate & I set about sourcing the bits needed for the conversion. We had a bit of a play with the turbo & the intercooler from a DTH, and using a few bits of universal rad piping and hoses, had an engine that at least would start... The problem came when I decided I wanted the car to go through its MOT mid-January... The engine had to go back in...

    So with a little bit of experienced gained from the many nights spent playing with intercooler piping on the garage floor, we set about putting the semi-DTH engine back in the engine bay... Only to find nothing fitted

    No matter where I tried to put the intercooler, we couldn't route the piping where it ought to go, to the point where at one stage I nearly binned the whole lot in order to chop the car in!

    I didn't thank goodness, deciding insteadto put the car to it's original DTL status, and play with the ICE install instead.

    I've taken that as far as I can now however, so what I'm looking to do is resurrect the conversion idea. What I need to do this, is to gain the help of all the friendly DTH engine owners out there, by asking for pics of your engine, taken from all the weird and wonderful angles and positions needed to see the turbo, the intercooler (inc mounts) and any relevant pipework...

    It does seem like it would be easier to have a car sitting there to look at though, but where's the fun in that hey?!
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    Isn't the radiator differnt on the DTH to accomodate the intercooler?

    I know for sure the 22DTH rad is different to the Di one.
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    Those should help in the meantime.
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