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Thread: think ive got gearbox probs

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    think ive got gearbox probs

    i earlier posted this in probs with mk5 sticky but thought i might get away with posting it here

    i have a 1.6 16V DESIGN

    I have a few problems but i thought it was me not being used to the car- only had it two weeks.

    1) when pulling off in first it lurches then picks up.
    2) not a crunch but a gentle grind when pulling into 2nd even at low revs
    3) lurches when pulling into 3rd
    4) car slightly kangaroos when going from 3rd into 2nd with no acelration
    5) wont go into reverse sometimes (intermitent) v stiff.
    6) clicking noise from engine when reversing???

    now i thought most of this was just my driving because my last car was an auto- but i am used to the car now and still have same problems.
    anyone suggest??
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    Moved to the Technical Forums, since its not general chat

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