Right for the last 4 weeks ive noticed my cars been using oil (ive been told the 1.6.16v ecotec uses oil anyway) But its been kicking black crap out of the back box

Last week every so often my car started ticking over very low (sounded like it was cammed up) also felt like it wanted 2 stall

Then come sunday just gone i got off the motorway and noticed my car exhaust was very quiet even though ive had a cat back stainless steel system fitted

Also the car had seems 2 have lost loads of power and takes forever 2 pick speed up also its judders like hell once the car warms up

Yesterday i looked in the back box and noticed it had dryed black soot and small bits of metal

Ive been told the cats gone n whats happend is the cats started tearing away and the fumes have not been able 2 get past right and after so long the cats just collapsed and all the fumes are not getting through right

What i cant under stand is if its the cats thats just gone and the smoke thats kicking out is just cos its been getting blocked or something else caused the cat 2 go