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Thread: Purchase Problem from AS seller

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    Purchase Problem from AS seller


    i'm having a little situation, purchased a spoiler from a member on here early december. Paid £55 by paypal on the spot. He said he would post it.

    Apparently this is a genuine irmscher spoiler and happens to be in the exact colour of my car. Which i thought was great.

    Waited a week then decided to contact him on the , Altho he was logged on here at least once everyday i had no responce.

    After about 4-5 days i received an email back, saying that because the spoiler had been in storage it looked a bit dull, and he had a friend of his to buff it up. I guessed that was reasonably ok, he said he was posting it the following monday.

    Week later, still no spoiler, and once again he was not replying to his messages, then 2-3 days later, i got an email saying he had sent it.

    this was around the 22nd of december.

    Because of xmas and new year i waited till jan to even expect it, then emailed him to look into the delivery due to it not arriving, on the 4th he emails me and it turns out the courier have lost it. He tells me they are looking into it.

    After trying to email and pm him for about two weeks, he emails me back saying they have found it, without a delivery address and have delivered it back to his home. and asks if i can recommend a delivery company.

    and so.....

    on the 1st of feb, he emails me saying that he cant use his card on the delivery website, and so can i organise the delivery for the spoiler, i said fine and emailed him asking for pickup details and contact numbers.

    Now its the 6th and i have still not heard from him.

    i have been checking on a regular basis and the seller has been logged on here at least once every day and yet still been unnecessarily ignorant and i am far from pleased.

    To top it off mid december i booked car in to have some parts sprayed, debadged and spoiler fitted, i have delayed this three times at a charge of £15 per delay.

    Any suggestions would be great, and sorry if i posted this in wrong forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Classifed Forum Rules
    Dealing with Problems

    If you are experiencing problems concerning the buying or selling of an item, such as not receiving goods or money, then consider the situation very carefully before taking your next action. Please DO NOT POST ON THE FORUM with a complaint regarding a member, but please do the following:

    Allow sufficient time for money or goods to arrive. Personal circumstances can sometimes get in the way of a perfect transaction, once you are confident this is not the case and have genuine concerns please inform one of the AstraSport Admin (MatG or M40COO).

    When informing Admin of your situation/complaint please provide FULL information concerning the trade, the other party, what was agreed and any contact from the other party.
    The AstraSport Admin may be able to help, but nothing can be promised and if they do get involved it will be at their own discretion. Nevertheless, it is most important that you advise Admin of any problems – you may not be the only person experiencing such problems involving the other party.
    Best do it this way first.

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