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Thread: Any ideas??

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    Any ideas??

    Apologies if you've seen this on other threads.. but i need your help....

    My 04 plate coupe is loosing paint!

    Its literally coming off when you rub your nail across it. The area concerned is on the inside bottom edge of the passenger door, the bit that bonds the skin to the framework and is like a yellowy coloured sealant.

    Has anyone else had this problem. I asked my stealer for advice any basically their reply was well its not a paint warranty job cos it has not perforated the metalwork, and that they think it has been caused by the bottom edge of the rubber door seal pinching the bottom of the door, making the paint come off. A very unhelpfull answer if ever i heard one.! lol!!

    When you flake the paint off all that is left is what looks like the original bond sealant, i thought that, that area would at least have been primed before painting??

    Another thought ive had is that maybe water is getting trapped inbetween the seal and the door, which is in turn somehow getting into the paintwork and making it unstable, causing it to flake.. I dont know..

    Has anyone got any advice on what to do please? Or has anyone else suffered the same??? Is it a known problem??

    I think whatever the outcome it certainly seems like its going to have to get repainted anyhow..



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    Sounds as if its been painted - but not prepared properly....

    You mention yelowy colored sealant ??? not paint ?
    That could be waxoil or similar that was maybe inside the door and is leaking out ??

    Any pics you have would help greatly....

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