Right then this has taken a while but finally......

In a bit of a scoop on my behalf about August last year I found out after various discussions with a few people and some companies that some Double din fascia's were in the pipeline. So much correspondance, blah blah back and forth getting something less than perfect a while back (from the actual manufacturer of the fascia's) and finally this week the finished article landed in my hands...

Thanks go to Connects2 (MES) for the below information and the Fascia's which will be coming in the pipeline for almost every Vauxhall model. I have only listed the Astra part numbers but PM me for any other model or make of car that you think they might have a fascia. Some parts are already available but a lot are not. So enough rambling the kit looks like this (The Alpine kit is shown but all kits will look similar).

It consists of the Vauxhall model specific fascia (4 colours available), the 2 Locking bits, 2 Locking release keys, Radio trim ring, Double din Cage for the unit, 2 foam pads and 4 screws to mount the locking bits to the radio.

Pic of the kit as you receive it:

And the kit below for the Alpine IVA-W200I

Part numbers are as follows:


Astra H Chrome Metallic CT23VX03A
Astra H Anthracite Metallic CT23VX04A
Astra H Charcoal Black CT23VX05A
Astra 2006 > Beige CT23VX06A


Astra H Chrome Metallic CT23VX03B
Astra H Anthracite Metallic CT23VX04B
Astra H Charcoal Black CT23VX05B
Astra 2006 > Beige CT23VX06B

Now for availability the Kenwood/Panasonic and Pioneer ones are available, the Alpine and Clarion ones are not as yet. If you are interested have a word with your ice dealer about ordering one and if you are really struggling pm me and I will see what I can do for you.

Now then paint match on the silver is not really a good match as it is far to silver for my car (VXR), so on mine I painted it up to match, I reckon I got it nigh on spot on so again pm me for details. Hopefully the fiiting instructions I will be forwarding Connects2 will be included in the Kit (if not PM me but I will put the how to in the relevant section for you all).

Price is approx £40. Please note that this kit does not include a wiring harness but does include a double din cage specially designed to fit into the fascia.

Lastly a pic of the kit fitted in my car.