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Thread: ** Good Inependent Garage Required **

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    ** Good Inependent Garage Required **

    As title.... I need some names of reputable independent garages in the region. Preferrably Newcastle/Gateshead area or thereabouts.

    I often advise other ppl to go to an idependent in favour of Vx main dealer but TBH I wouldnt have a clue where I should be looking in this area for one.

    Im gonna need all these fitted (I WILL SUPPLY THE PARTS SO ITS LABOUR ONLY)

    Water Pump

    On top of the labour I will also need the necessary 5yr coolant, maybe an oil/filter change (would usually do this myself) BUT and its a big BUT.... I may need a new Head Gasket!!!

    Any idea on prices for this lot??? I really have no idea as I do all work myself...... not really upto doin this myself tho

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    PS: Whats the goin rate for oil/filters and/or water pump with trade club? Just got my card but wondering if its cheaper to buy a pattern pump or a genuine unit with discount

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    0 Post(s) you can also give Robert a call on 01388 604 196 tell him Kirsty told you about them - theyre great guys and did the engine swap on Scrappy 2 for me (1.4i to 2.0i) and she's running beautifully.

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