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Thread: Remus Centre Pipe

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    Remus Centre Pipe


    Just wondering if anybody has installed the remus centre pipe with the irmy twin oval backbox, The reason i ask is because i would like to know how loud it is.

    I was going to install it myself but i heard on here kwik fit only charge 20 squid, so i went there and they said it would sound awful like some old raspy nova, also they said it would drink my petty.

    Any advice on performance, noise difference, etc would be appreciated.

    Also i will be de-restricting the airbox and fitting the vectra pipe mod along with a K&N panel filter.



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    do a search mate, it has been covered a few times, it will only sound like a nova if you put a silly peco big bore backbox on, it will sound a little louder under acceleration but nothing boy racer.
    Petrol - you will notice a difference in petrol, since doing all the mods you mention i get a little less to a tank, only 20 miles or so, but the car picks up on acceleration alot better IMO
    1.6 8 valve, 5 door, soon to be a 5 studded let with crusty arches

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