Anyone know what i need to do next....?

The Hydraulic clutch cable is a sealed unit and has lost its feel -it means the gear isnt engaging as the clutch plates are not parting enough.

Well - I've got to a certain point taking out the existing one as you can see - and yes - you do have to take the whole dash out to do it!

BUT - I've taken a picture of the 2 ends of the cable - and what is on the ends wont fit through the grommit from the inside to the enginebay. So - anyone know which end I need to take off and how?

I know I could just cut it but that would be pointless as I need to know how to fit the new one back in - and I cant cut a hydraulic pipe for the replacement.

Inside the car......

The rest of the inside - I think I know where everything goes - honest!

The engine bay end of the cable/pipe...