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Thread: MP3 Player that can dock and using steering wheel controls

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    Question MP3 Player that can dock and using steering wheel controls

    Basically I am after a list of mp3 players that can be set up to work (if possible) with the standard cd player that comes in a mk4 and to use the sterring wheels controls and track display.

    I have seen ipod kits etc, but was after any other suggestions, since I am after buying a decent mp3 player for holiday and was wanting to use in the car too!

    Thanks guys!

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    If you want to link a MP3 player to a standard vauxhall headunit then your only option is a FM modulator and then the only way to control it will be via the MP3 player

    You can however get a aftermarket headunit and have the link up to a ipod and then get the controls via the headunit/ steering wheel controls

    A list of your options for manufactures is in a sticky at the top of this forum mate
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