Picked up my Astra Coupe on the 17th October 2006, it was completely standard, with a fitted Irmscher rear spoiler.

Astra Coupe on a 52 Plate (made in 2003), 45,000miles on the clock and a recent cam belt change and full Vauxhall service history which was good. In star silver with one scuff on the bumper (still to be sorted).

First job was to clean it, I rinsed I down and washed it, I then used a clay bar all over the car, took the best part of 2hours to do the whole car, I must say the car was filthy, then I washed it off again, dried it off and used some Autoglym Super Resin polish on it. The wheels came off to be cleaned inside and out with some wheel cleaner.

First mod was the stereo, got rid of the CDR500 and replaced it with a Kenwood KDC-W808 with MFD and stalk adaptor kit.

Second mod was to get and fit an Irmscher grille (thanks to ‘Rosco83’) got it and fitted it.

Although it looked good it was just far too common. So about 4 weeks later off it came and sold (to ‘londonmc’).

On went the standard grille until my new OPC grille arrives at the Vauxhall dealer. Came that same afternoon, so the standard grille came off again and on went the OPC grille, which I must say suits the car far better than the Vauxhall V grille.

As I changed the grille to an OPC one I thought I should change the rear badges and wheel badges. So out came mums hairdryer and a cinema member ship card to remove the rear badges. Made the rear end look so much tidier, the griffin had to stay on as the Opel blitz was on order.

Once the Opel blitz came out came the hairdryer again to remove the griffin that off and time to stick the Opel Blitz on. Last thing to do is change the wheel badges to Opel ones, just waiting to order these from LMF.

Out came the red Hammerite to paint the callipers, at the same time I replaced all the discs and pads all round.

Next I need to increase the sound from my new head unit, so I stripped all the audio from my old car, which included Alpine Type R 12” sub and enclosure. JBL GTO Mono block amp, JBL GTO 4 Channel Amp, and Vibe components.

Luckily the cabling from my Corsa was long enough for the Astra, I ran the 4 gauge cable from the battery through the spare grommet on the driver side all the way to the boot. Then I ran 2 sets of RCA’s down the passenger side 1 for the sub and 1 for the front components and also a cable for my remote bass controller in the glove box.

Then I fitted the components into the doors which were a squeeze as the backs are huge on these speakers, and then ran the speaker cable from the amp in the boot to the ISO block behind the head unit then connected them to the existing wiring.

Then in went the sub enclosure with a bit of woodwork to make the amps sit on it properly. After a while of using the car I decided I should put my power cap (2 Farad) in to solve the light dimming, after installed the lights stopped dimming as much.

When I got the car there was only about 2-3000miles left on the tyres, which I was hoping to do before changing them. However I got a puncher so I replaced two tyres with some Eagle F1’s, which I rate very highly, I got them at a good price too I think.

Well finally got my Irmscher kit for my coupe, which included the front spoiler and rear skirt extension (thanks to ‘RobW‘ for the spoiler). The next job was to prep them ready to be painted, was still thinking should I do this myself or not. For the filling I used ‘No Mix’ filler which I must say is top quality and dries in 10minutes in sun light. After much thought I decided to give the spraying ago myself.

Then a trip to the Halfords my brother works at and got my colour mixed at Halfords by my brother along with filler primer and primer and some clear lacquer, and a pack of 1500 wet and dry paper.

Then on went the filler primer to fill all the small scratches etc. I used 3 thin coats to cover both splitter and rear corners. Then I needed to wait 24 hours to dry before I could start rubbing down with 1500 wet and dry paper. So I left to dry in my dad’s work shop over night.

To be continued.........