Hi, i`m hoping there are people here who can help me. My Astra van 1.7DTI is running rough and wondered if anyone could tell me why. I`ll describe the problems as best i can so please bare with me.

Feels like there`s a general loss of power.

1. Between gear changes there`s always a hesitation before the engine will pick up again

2. When acceleration in both 4th and 5th gear between about 2500 and 3500 revs there is a vibration felt in the car (sort of feels like un-balanced wheels but it`s not) almost like a mis-fire.

3. When sitting at tick over sometimes the revs rise slightly and the speedo reads about 10 mph and both dials rise and fall together

4. The front multi plug of the ECM (the unit that sits above the rocker cover) keeps filling with diesel. Therfe`s no fuel leaks anywhere so i don`t know where it comes from

I went to vauxhall when i got the engine management light on a few weeks ago and explained all this (apart from the ECM diesel problem) they tried a mass air flow meter with no improvement and said that the diagnostic didn`t pinpoint the problem and then said it would be a case of trial and error. Trouble is a i can`t afford Vauxhall`s rates for that!!!

Any help or advice would be a great help.

Cheers Lee