well my mk3 2.0 ecotec 1996 astra is now got me well unhappy

just spent to have cv joint replaced was told thats what the problem was (replaced it myself) also replaced anti-roll bar link on same side as it had snapped where it bolts into the wishbone

well what the problem is ...when u turn right and doing above 25mph or pull out of a side road to turn right a bit quick you get a knocking noise from the o/s/f wheel area the faster you are going the louder it is if you turn right very slow no clunk

well now the new parts are fitted....no change what a waste of time and money fitting a cv joint i didnt need the old one looked ok no boot damage plenty grease in there but looked like it had been on several years
also looked at the other cv boots all ok no splits or leaks

this morning took car on a large empty tarmac compound and did 30 mph on 1/2 and full lock turning right ...no knocking at all also did it going left and nothing ...also tried it going backwards left and right 1/2 and full lock and nothing at all not as much as click nevermind a knock..so now am convinced its nothing to do with any cv joint ...but have no idea what it making it do this and the mot test due soon ..any idea what this could be ? cheers