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Thread: newbie looking at buying a 1.6 estate astra g

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    newbie looking at buying a 1.6 estate astra g

    hi im new, looking at buying a estate 1.6 16v astra g club on a w reg with 31,000 miles on, anything i should look out for or anything on this model?

    thanks nikki

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    Welcome to AS Nikki

    Firstly the W reg will be using the older (but just as good) X16 engine. Nothing really wrong with these at all. Remember at 40'000miles to replace the cambelt using a cambelt kit from Vaux and also whilst your mechanics there change the water pump. Job should cost about £500 in total inc labour. The mechanic may say it doesn't need doing but in our experience the new belt puts the pump under alot of strain and it will basically break and then you will need a new cambelt again so may as well do it whilst your there.

    The engines do like a drop of oil every now and then. Vaux quote about 1L per 1000 miles. (Which is about right). The 1.6 engine hasn't really got alot of grunt in it to be honest so I'd recommend if you are looking at towing or lugging around anything heavy go for a diesel or a bigger engine. Apart from that it sounds low milage and a bit of a bargain.

    Pics when you get it please
    Its a jam thing

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