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Thread: Rattly CDR500?

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    Rattly CDR500?

    My car has just started to make a funny light rattling noise at certain sound levels / bass levels.

    Even though it is onliy a slight rattle it really is annoying.

    I have upgraded the the door speakers and have a sub and amp.

    If i have bass set to any more then +1 then there is a funny vibrating noise comes from around the headunit area.

    If i press on the head unit while it's vibrating it nearly stops so it could be the heater vents also.

    How do i tighten up the HU?

    Has anyone else had this problem?

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    There is no real way of tightening up the headunti as it slots into a metal cage

    I suppose you could try to remove it and get some foam around the enge so it's a bit tighter

    Remember to make sure you have the code for it before you take it out though
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