hi people im so wound up at the moment its untrue! last nit on way back from work car lost all power and started to missfire and put engine light on, so got home and called rac. they said they would be there in max 45 mins. 1.5 hour later i get a van turn up only to find out his laptop wont work. so he calls his mate to find his laptop wont talk to the z16xep engine as its "to new for us" so he calls his mate who has the latest software he plugs in and tells me yep its got a miss fire its on number 1 turns round and gets in van with no advice or help . so took car to dealer today got a snotty nosed woman to talk to who was very un helpfull but they did get to look at my car at 4:30 this afternoon to tell me it needs a coil but we cant get one till wednesday next week! so i say ok do u have a car i can use. "NO!" very harshly i get "u aint booked one and it aint our fault its failed" is it mine then????? i dont think so. so what im trying to say is why and how do service advisers get to talk to customers like i have today. also cant vauxhall get parts overnight or atleast monday? cheers to all who reply.