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Thread: connects2 DOPS004 to sony cdx m 9900

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    connects2 DOPS004 to sony cdx m 9900

    fitted this and all seemed good at first

    when i put the cd player on to radio all seems fine apart from sometimes it comes up on the mfd seek when im on a radio station , when i hit any button its comes up as its meant to ie (radio 1 fm)

    when i put it on to cd it all seemed fine again at first ie (cd t 11)

    but a few times when on cd the date has came up on the mfd and the steering control lights go out

    i pressed source on the sony unit to take it back to radio and all was fine (radio 1 fm) came up and lights came back on , hit source again for cd and the date came back up and lights out again

    i hit the reset button on the sony unit and when it started back up all was fine, all working

    this has done this 4 or 5 times

    any one any idea whats up

    thanks for any help
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    Well the signal for lights to come on on the steering wheel controls is taken from the remote out of the headunit, I suppose that could be faulty

    Take it all out and make sure all the connections are good and see where you go from there
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