Hello people, here's one for you all....

I'm looking for the WHOLE headlamp kit (and washers) for an 2006 OPC (VXR). My last (2005 SXI), I had the Bi-Xenon (AFL) Upgraded headlamps. Anybody know where I can buy these as an aftermarket. Have tried Hella, but the only do them Bi-Halogen with the Adaptive Forward Light. I don't wanna go down the HiD upgraded bulb and ballast route, as I got alot of Hassle from the Police here when I had them in my MK4 (2001) Astra.

Below are pics of the last on (With the Headlamps) and the new one that I want to get them for. Any help, greatly appreciated!


The Last One. 1.6 SXI - The New One. 2.0 OPC