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Thread: What do you think? opinions needed....

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    What do you think? opinions needed....

    My situation is that i'll be needing new tyres on my SRI turbo soon and i also need to get the front alloys refurbed as they have been curbed by the previous owner.

    So at a minimum i'm looking at #200 for a decent refurb and then tyres on top of that.

    Now i'm contemplating either getting the original turbo alloys refurbed in athracite and then fitting new tyres or getting a new set of wheels including tyres - half of me is saying keep the original wheels as they suit the car and it will keep it looking original and another part of me is saying put some different alloys on it.

    What do you think change the wheels or keep them?

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    Sell me your wheels, and go buy some more

    If you like the 'standard' (but rare) SRi-T look, then keep em, if you wanna look different then change em.
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