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Thread: Abrasion spots in convertible roof

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    Abrasion spots in convertible roof

    Hi from Australia,

    Any know-how about this?

    On each side of the car, the fabric on my soft top has three spots (six in total), where the fabric is being rubbed/abraded/scuffed. Each spot is about 3 to 4cm diameter.

    The marks are not where the fabric is ON the ribs, they are BETWEEN the ribs.

    Watching what happens when it folds down, the rubbing isn't caused by fabric-on-metal. It is just fabric-on-fabric, as it always folds in the same spot each time.

    It isn't really bad, but it is clearly going to cause major wear problems if it continues.

    One thought I've had is to glue some patches of semi-stiff plastic UNDERNEATH the fabric to re-train the fabric to fold in a different way, thus sparing the SAME fold-spot from rubbing on itself where the fabric folds. Clearly, I'll need to get in under the top layer of the roof, but it should be doable.

    Has anyone seen this? Or have any ideas?

    Are there any lubricant-type products that will stop the fabric rubbing on itself, without looking awful on the black top?



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    My gf has this same problem on her MGF.

    She has stuck (using superglue) patches of the same roof material on the inside of the roof in those places, making it slightly stiffer, so it doesn't fold as easily, and doesn't rub.

    In the MGF there is just one skin so it was easy, I don't know how the Astra roof works I'm afraid.
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