well about 5 years ago i moved into a council house and had my own gas fire put in then council decided to take over the serviceing of it

last year i started getting really bad headaches so i rang the council up and told them, i said i was getting black dust around the marbel aswell as the headaches, a gas man came and cheacked it all and told me it was all ok and im just worrying over nothing and its all my mind playing tricks on me
i still get bad headaches but just got used to them now

well another gas man has just come to service the fire today and straight away hes capped it off and put a massive sticker on saying DO NOT USE

i dont know how long its been leaking now but im just so lucky that hes come and checked it now before the winter

just makes you wonder what would of happend if he never noticed it,

im defo going to get a carbon monoxide tester now as this was a lucky escape for me and the kids i think