Hi Guys,

I appreciate its my first post and it should be something along the lines of "Got a nice new car and its doing well." but unfortunately it looks like I need a cam chain change so I need some advice.

First off I own a 51 vauxhall astra 2.2 SRI, it has full vauxhall dealer history and is about to tick over to 80k.

The Problem: When cold the engine will sounds pretty much like a diesel. Almost (and i'm guessing) as if the cam chain is being starved of oil. This only happens randomly (4 times since I have owned the vehicle).

I am going to check to see if the tensioner has been replaced through known fault by ringing the local dealer and through the guide on this site (pre-emptive thanks!).

Question I have is, if the tensioner has not been replaced under warrenty am I looking at shelling out for it? How much is it? and If the cam chain is just buggering about how much is that usually to do?

Only reason I'm asking is vauxhall are shut at the moment and I would like piece of mind!

Many thanks