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Thread: Tuning advice for 2L 16V

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    Tuning advice for 2L 16V

    I have a 2.0 16V SRI and was wanting to get a bit more power out of it without spending vasts amounts of cash.

    I was looking for advice on which air intake method to use?

    Is it worth spending the £250 odd on a Proper Air filter e.g. BMC jobbie or is the vectra C mod sufficient.
    i also heard you can get a Pipe which runs from the top of the airbox/filter along the top of the engine.

    A full Exhaust system with a sports cat aswell.

    Would it worht getting a Re-map with all this?

    Any other sugggestions are very welcome

    there is a limit to the money but its quite high so suggestions again are welcome.

    talking under £1000 though

    Not wanting to do major major engine work either


    EK9 Type R

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    get a decent air intake.
    full exhaust system
    a re-map
    and if your wanting more then some fast road cams.

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    Go for a 4-2-1 manifold, either Irmscher or Lexmaul, I spoke to a german e-bayer and he can give us a discount if we have a group buy, price for 1 still works out less than what Regal charge for a Lexmaul one. Will also stop any probs with cracked manifolds and sheared studs.

    Would then think about cams and a sports CAT if it doesn't have one already. If it does have a sports CAT I would be interested to see what difference it has made.

    I know Kris was working on bike carbs and different intake, could go down that route.

    Would also look at the brakes too if they have not been done already.

    There was also a supercharger conversion done on a 1.8

    Details :

    Other bits you could have are a lightened flywheel and aluminium pulleys
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