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Thread: my astra plans

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    my astra plans

    sometime this week i should be getting m screen though for my centre console.

    i am installing the screen where the dodgy orange display is atm.

    i am firstly just connecting it to my ps2. Next month i am grabbing a jvc KD-AVX1 and that will be connected also through an av chooser, along with free view.

    at the moment not thought about the power but as both the screen and the ps2 have 12v plugs i should be alright for now.

    Soundwise, i am going to grab some components eventually, when...unsure at the moment, i do have a vibe active sub sat in my garage ( if it goes in the astra or not is uncertain at the mo)

    I do want some sort of install in the rear involving a 7" screen and 2 subs..... again eventually, working on my dash at the moment though.

    anyone know of any problems i may have, powerin a screen and the ps2 ( with the 12v inverter obviously)
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    Make sure you keep the screen cool somehow. Removing the back and/or whacking a fan back there too are the most common methods I think.

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