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Thread: Drinking on August 12th

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    Drinking on August 12th

    That's right, we're having another session next weekend.

    As usual, those who have to travel are more than welcome to stay at mine... plenty of floorspace and parking

    We're thinking Gun Wharf Quays in Portsmouth. That way we can get food first or kick off with some bowling or whatever....

    There's also a comedy club there if people are up for it. Eat and watch that and then get drinking.

    Anyway, here's the list, add the name if you're interested (And also put if you need somewhere to sleep). Any indication of what you'd like to do would be good too.


    Steve & Vauxy

    1. Vicky
    2. Steve & Hannah
    3. Tina
    4. Laura
    5. Jace - of course I'm there!
    6. DarrylB
    7. iio (if car is back)
    8. Byron (maybe)
    9. SimonP (maybe)
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    would love to babes...but we have to miss this one hun im afraid....theres always next time! x
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