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Thread: Air-con not working... In this weather!?!

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    Air-con not working... In this weather!?!

    Imagine how hillarious I thought it was when my air-con broke last Thursday... Suited and having to meet people I don't know, after spending the duration of my journey in what can only be described as turbo-charged oven!!

    I thought someone was having a BBQ, then I realised there was smoke pouring out of my offside, front wheel arch! Pretty worrying until I discovered that I had no more cold air, so not that bad...??

    Took to local mechanic and after the usual head scratching we reckon the clutch is burnt out (no clicking on and off to turn the compressor). Grease in the clutch overheated and burnt off, causing smoke etc. then clutch ceased.

    The only problem is that my mechanic has advised that he'll need to take the pump off, send it to Kent somewhere, refit it then get someone else to re-gas the system and I'll lose the car for the best part of a week, meaning I'll need to hire something for work!

    Possibly looking at £600 inc. hire vehicle, I'm desperate for help/advice to get this figure down! Can I just get a refurbed or recovered (from a breakers) replacement? Is there a smaller pulley to run the Z20LET with no air-con compressor?

    Please help! lol
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    I'm sure the clutch is a seperate item that you can buy from vauxhall.

    TBH mate i'd take it to a company that specialises in AC repairs where they can tell you the exact fault and then book it in to be turned around in the same day
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