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    Exclamation Meguiars

    May be a dumb question so sorry in advance. I'm thinking of changing the car products I use and I've read so many good things about Meguiars.

    I was wondering what Meguiars products I would need to maintain my cars lovely paintwork?
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    Most people on here go for the deep crystal steps 1-2-3 and the NTX range.

    I have the following:
    Clay and quick detailer - too get a glass like finish on the paint work
    Scratch X - to remove fine scratches and swirls
    Deep crystal steps 2 and 3 (polish and wax)
    NXT car wash
    NXT tech wax

    I also have turtle wax alloy wheel cleaner and protector and turtle wax tryre dressing.

    I find the megs stuff is very good and very easy to use to produce good results. other people suggest things like poorboys which is ment to be really good but i find megs good and easy to get from places like halfords, etc

    Hope this helps mate... have a search around the detailing section and you'll get some good ideas as to what products to use. also check out

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