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Thread: How to Wire It In

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    How to Wire It In

    Right Got a Alpine CVA-1003R with the n077 navagation box and cd changer coming in the next few weeks and this is my current set up,

    Alpine 9812 hu
    kicker 200.2 amp running my infinity 6x9's
    vibe cbr 12 wit built in amp

    what i want to do is have the tv in the top din and 9812 in the bottom running my amps etc as now but have the navigation on the top sound coming out over the top of my music etc on the 9812 how am i going to wire it in?

    Something abit different for you gurus as this is a bit more than my normal installs lol
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    The CVA-1003R is a headunit in it's self isn't it so it has built in radio etc? If so why do you want to still run your 9812 head unit?
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