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Thread: Dump valve

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    Dump valve

    I have recently bought a DV and a power pipe for (£100 thought it was a bargin) as i thought this might solve 1 or two problems i have.

    Upon fitting THe power pipe and DV took it for a test run and soon as got off drive the Engine managment light come on. Parked up and looked at it all again.

    Followed the vacum pipe the T peice the DV its self the Power pipe and cant find a fault with it.

    Took it for another spin to see if it cleared, put foot down and pinned me to seat slightly and then it kinda lags, as if its holding back can anyone help me i.e link to "how to guide" as cant find one even with the serch function.

    kinda sorted the power problem but ist like its farting has anyone had this promblem??

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