... because my Convertible's been at body shop since a week yesterday (Friday)..

Some of you might recall i had a go at sorting out the 'popping out bumper' a few weeks back.. Well i thought i had it sorted but it kept doing it again. Although i only have the car till probably Feb 07, i want it to be perfect so i booked it in through our Accident Management.

I know they'll be replacing the bumper and the brackets/fittings etc as it had a slight scuff on the underside of the bumper (which is probably what caused the popping)...

I've had a 55reg Primera Courtesy Car for a week - actually quite a nice car, but i was hoping to have the Astra back this weekend so i could polish her up and enjoy..

Spoke to the garage yesterday and they said she was still in the paintshop - they'd been waiting for a bracket.. Probably be Tuesday now!!

Sorry, rant over