I have to choose a new pension plan and just thought i'd ask the happy, smiley people of A-S who they use for a pension if they have one. I've never really been bothered about pensions but suppose I'll have to think about it sooner than later and they are offering good contributions. (these were sent from work unexpectedly lol)

why are they so complicated though lol, I've got Scottish Widows, Standard Life, Prudential all offering me different things. Some are contrubutions based, some solely on employer contributions and loads of other tables, charts n graphs lol.I've not really taken the full amount of time to read through the 40 page a$ booklet yet, I'll leave that pleasure until later on.

Seems silly not to take one out, I've got ALOT of years before I retire.....lol.....but suppose it's never too late to start saving.

Also any general advice to follow? obviously it won't all apply to me but I'm trying to make hte best informed choice lol.