Right, to cut things short, I have just recently started to get quite intrested in this detailing malarky and have been posting on detailingworld.co.uk. whilst there I stumbled across a post about a new site to which the owner was aksing people to have a look over before it goes live on the 22nd

I duly obliged and right from the start I was very impressed, the site is well laid out and not too 'busy' which makes it easy to navigate and find what you actually want. another thing that impressed me was the prices, most things are cheaper e.g. Natty's Blue Paste Wax I've seen going for around the £14-£15 mark, on cleanyourcar.co.uk I got it for £12.95

I placed an order there and then for a few bits and waited, now i placed the order for some Natty's, a drying towel, a clay bar and some masking tape on the 18th @2pm, by 5pm I had a PM to say that stuff was in the post and should be with me by today - this morning I signed for a nice parcel

The parcel was well wrapped and the contents really well bubble wrapped.

Well thats all i have to say really, the site is going live on monday and although there a few limitations in the product selection at the moment, I have been assured that is going to be expanded very quickly.

So visit cleanyourcar.co.uk as I have nothing but good to say about the products, service and site!

Addition: the site owner, Tim, has just contacted me offering 5% discount for all astra aport members! Please PM me for the discount code (can't post it up for obvoius reasons)