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Thread: Diesel Question

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    Diesel Question

    Sorry if this may be a very silly question but just had to ask...

    I have a 2006 1.9 CDTi Astra Sport Hatch and am wanting to put a sports exhaust on it. Performance gain would be welcomed althou not paramount the astra is quick

    All I want is a nice note to mayve take away from the tractor sound coming from the

    Anyways nobody seems to do that many exhausts for any diesel....

    Astra Sport Hatch SRi
    1.9 CDti 150 Bhp
    Sapphire Black

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    SXi Stu
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    ring John Thorne (Thorney Motorsport) on 01908238798.

    They are the uk distributer for Milltek exhausts, he'll know if they can do one for yours, Milltek is about the best btw, especially if you want a little BHP increase

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