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Thread: Some urgent astra parts help b4 I get ripped off

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    Some urgent astra parts help b4 I get ripped off

    Hi All

    I have an Astra G Coupe

    Long story short, I need to pay for some of the stuff that my warranty doesnt cover.

    The repairers said the rubber window sil protector is too bent. How much does this cost and can you bend it back into shape? It is off for the moment.

    The tweeter housing. They said some clips are broken of their. I can see 3 white clips and I thought they should just slide back in. the clips look like this:



    The actual tweeter housing has slots they can move into.
    Are they actually broken or are they being silly? If they are again how much am I looking at?

    Finally, the biggest expense the electric window motor. The warranty company will pay for the motor but not the regulator. They will pay for the regulator only if it comes combined with the motor. Is this the latter case how they come and if not how much do you recon I would pay for the regulator.

    I just don't wanna get shafted thats all.

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    Firstly the motor and regulator come as one

    Second you are right in what you are saying about the tweeter pods. Chances are it's just the white clips that are broken and need replacing and these can be slotted in.

    As for the rubber window sil protector, they don't straighten out
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