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Thread: need hlep with my set up......

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    Question need hlep with my set up......

    hi i have had this set up for a few years now, but i vhave never known if i am getting the full potential out of it.

    this is what i have...

    head unit DEH-P6300R

    Amp alpine MRV-1507 V12

    subs RFP3215 (x2)

    Rockford Fosgate RFP3215 - HE2 15" DVC Subwoofer
    * frequency response 22-400 Hz * power range 125-500 watts RMS (each voice coil handles 250 watts RMS) * peak power 1,000 watts * sensitivity 89 dB SPL * 4-ohm impedance * top mount depth 7-1/2" * sealed box volume 2.0-4.0 cubic feet * ported box volume 2.0-4.0 cubic feet.

    components from and rear, FNP2514

    I only have the amp running the subs, the components are running off the head unit, what sort of amp would i be able to run the components off?

    As you can probably tell im not the best at audio so any help will be great thanks


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    I don't know how much you want to spend.. But this would do the trick nicely.

    JL amps are absolutely stunning imo. I had a 4 channel for ages and loved it, the E4300.. Couldn't fault it.

    IF your after something a bit cheaper, this would also do the trick

    Never used Vibe components, friends run there sub's and they sound alright, not sure on there amps though.

    Hope that helps a bit,

    ~Not long now people~

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