watching my nephew last night cos the missus and some of the girlies went out, missus starts at 6 this morning so i decided not to got to bed in case she slept in. nephew who is always giggling had his feed at 8pm and was zonked at 8:30pm, so was just me and my son up now i went to collect the missus at 1am while my son kept an eye on grant (nephew) came home with missus at 1:15am (she pi$$ed) she went bed and was out cold by 1:30am.son went to bed same i was left up alone. the wife gets up 5:45am and sods off to getting a bit sleepy now thinks al have 4 winks till grant gets up..oh no!he wakes up just as i close my eyes.fed him now hes off sleeping now and i aint tired anymore!!!! nearly 12hrs he's slept!!lucky little git