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Thread: pay rise and new car

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    pay rise and new car

    Work have upped my giro and bonused me too so:-

    just bought my self a new toy wifey ain't to happy but up to her and in to this

    thats my new wheels well impressed wih the performance she goes like a cat after a mouse with a demented leg. Needs a little engine work doing later this year but appatt from that i am well happy.

    Anyone else on her own a porka love to meet for a it of a race innit cheers.

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    lovin Astra sport
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    arrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggh sweeeeeeeeeeet mate well lovin ya vibe,

    you so lucky bruv you ave a place in me crew big style,

    many notes for that baby i still reckon me gsi will rip ya up

    lovin init

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    i have a few plans 4 dis project check dis

    m3 mirrors to go on

    Big bore 3" well loud exhaust

    Motormania 19.99 induction kit universal fit

    Lexus lights superglued on

    Motorsport sun visor strip to look well rude innit

    15" tsw alloys

    blue neons on back shelf and a couple of mingers in the back and away we go thats the situation styling the nation you got that u need to bo

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    lovin Astra sport
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    too true init you gonna be so large bad boy.

    check it ya need a boom box in ya boot you know a normal house stereo wiv some bih batteries to bang out de base, if it not loud enough just get a ya creww to hit the roof in beat to the base for a mental base line.

    take ya screw driver n debadge it mate just fill in scratches wiv a permanet marker


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    erm why are you such a tw@?
    2 Door E350 CDI - OM642 power baby

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    Enough of this nonsense please.

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