Lexmaul Manifold



Just a quick question. Is a Lexmaul manifold for the Astra MK3 1.8 18v Ecotec X18XE/C18XEL and X20XEV the same as one for the Vectra witht he same engines....? I checked the part numbers from the Lexmaul site and they are listed as the same part number, but there is another manifold thatis similar but a slightly different part number.

Reason for asking is I am wondering if the one I have will fit the Vectra or Cavalier or Calibra.

Also what is the second hand value of one of these....? I bought one only to discover it was not compatible with a Mk4 Astra X20XEV.

Anyway if anyone can tell me if they know if they are the same so there is no confusion when I go to sell it on.