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Thread: Reparing scratch/gash on Wheel Arch

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    Reparing scratch/gash on Wheel Arch


    Some arse in a red car musta rubbed me while leaving a car park, I've got a nasty gash on my wheel arch which has scratched a bit of paint off.

    I'm in Portsmouth - ChipBusters quoted me £120 + an extra £100 if they don't get a matching white colour the first time round (cheeky?).

    I'm trying to find a cheaper alternative, anyone know any places down south who can fix the slight dent and scratches and respray wheel arch? Or does £220 sound reasonable?

    I'm also thinking of getting the black strips on each side + door handles + side skirts whitened out, so would it be better/cheaper to do it all at once?

    It's only a small gash but I'm sure the above needs doing.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Yea it would be cheaper to do it all at the same time.

    Have a search for Station body shop as quite a few have used them on here,

    They are based next to Fareham train station,

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