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Thread: Request for pics please!!!

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    Request for pics please!!!

    This may sound strange but I need some pics of where I should be fitting axle stands (front and rear) - Ive searched and found a few ppl saying where they fit theirs to but it'd be great if I could have some pics. Haynes manual shows shitty diagram and not realistic photographs so no use to me.

    I'm upgrading brakes/wheels/etc/etc next few wks and want it nice n safe - dont wanna spoil those brand new 18s lol. Car's a 5dr G if it makes any difference.

    Can any1 help?

    Cheers guys

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    Just stick them on the jacking points, jack the car up with the jack to one side of the jacking point and then put the axle stand under the marked part on the chasis where your supposed to jack up the car. I've done it like that many times and never had any problems.

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    when i was under the car cleaning i put them on the axle itself, very sturdy on it aswell and level!

    no pics of where i did it at the front!

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