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Thread: Average cost of GSI

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    Talking Average cost of GSI

    Hi all,

    I have just done a quote just for a laugh for a mk 4 gsi turbo, and it came out suprisingly good.

    So my question is, what is the average price i will expect to pay for a good gsi with average/ low milage?

    Im gunna have to save for a while but i have wanted one for ages and now the insurance wont be that much of a pain, im going to stop modding the my astra (yer right) and save!

    It may be a silly question and obviously prices depreciate and will do by the time i can afford one lol!

    So lets say the price of a :

    Mk4 gsi,
    up to 50k on the clock
    full service history
    Modified or non modified
    Black or silver
    And the usual

    Thanks very much!

    And just for info the pro's and cons of having one, i.e fuel consumption and maintenace bills etc.

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    £8500 - £9000k

    look on autotrader
    Ibiza FR CR TDI with 203 BHP

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