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Thread: astra mk4 1.7td help/advice :(

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    astra mk4 1.7td help/advice :(

    Unfortunately i have a crap car, and pretty much stuck with it, till i got some no claims or i turn 21 lol.

    I paid £2000 for it, insurance costing me around the same as the car. (well until i getmy pass plus done that is.)

    So far i have spent all my time and money repairing bits.

    New wiper motor due to parking sensor f**ked.
    Electric sunroof conversion complete
    Cobra 7518 installed kind of (also added total closure)
    Headlights and lifter motors fixed
    Kenwood stereo, sub and amp installed (sounds crap but it will do for now)
    Washed the car

    Got a list fo things i intend on doing over the next month or so.

    Pass my passplus and get my insurance a bit cheaper
    Blue led's put in dash and most of the buttons
    Blue festoon bulbs put in interior lights glove box and boot
    Full service (looks like it aint been serviced in a long time :P)
    Electric mirror conversion, or m3 mirrors
    Colour coding door handles bump strips and a few other black/grey bits.
    Also lookin to get some 17" alloys, pref multispoke (more than 5/6 spokes i intend to spray them anthracite.)

    My main issue is its a 1.7td i dont think its an isuzu engine think its the gm but i'll check, it sounds like a tractor, i am having it in for a full service which is costing me £180.

    Does anyone know anyways i can make it a bit quieter, i also have a feeling my turbo is not working as there is no pull what so ever.

    Oh......... and i cant make any body changes like body kits because my insurance dont allow it Damn Zurich

    Think i have done pretty well to what i have done so far myself, since i know basically nothing about cars apart from what i read on here which i am very greatful of course.

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    A full service including oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter will probably quieten things down and give it a bit more pull.

    If I remember correctly, the TD engine needs it's tappets readjusted at 100k.

    I'd book it into a local Vauxhall specialist garage and get it sorted. You'll get years of running out of it if you get things sorted sooner rather than later.
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    try elephant or admiral or norwich union for inusrance. Zurich is a rip off.

    Tempted to add a induction kit to my dti but dont know what it would sound like and cant be bbothered replacing airflow meters that induction kits seem to eat.

    It aint a crap car loads of potential i wanna do loads to mine but im a dreamer lol.

    Was it a ex cop car if so see if theres any tweeters in the door mirror housing cause it makes it sound so much better with them. cop cars dont have them for some reason and mine sounded awfull without em
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