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Thread: ecotec engine rebuild

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    ecotec engine rebuild

    hi guys
    well last nov i decided to rebuild my engine,ahd thought about a few things i'd already fitted direct port nitrous and throttle boddies but not done anything internal!!
    we'll its a c18xe ecotec engine
    tech spec on it now is, ecotec block rebored to 86.5mm with xe crank and xe rods,ecotec forged flat top pocket pistons,turbo crankshaft square tooth cam belt pulley,ecotec head gas flowed polished light porting work and skimmed,throttle boddies matching cams,verniers,f.s.e boost valve,dta engine management,w.o.n direct port nitrous with mini max controller,
    lots of chrome nuts bolts brackets,powdercoating
    also been busy on the engine bay
    here's the finished result engines goin back in on monday
    hope ya dont mind a link and a quick read...

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    I have been reading that on mk3oc and it looks like you have been busy!!
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    sounds like it will be one hell of a quick gsi when finished. how much have you spend on the engine if you dont mind me asking and when it is all up and running you will have to post some figures of what it is producing. good luck with it mate

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