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Thread: Timing belt change. Can I do this??

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    Timing belt change. Can I do this??

    Hi, I am about to change my timing belt as the car has run about 51,000kms already.

    Do I really have to replace those 2 rollers on the engine and the water pump??

    I am planning just to change the Belt tensioner and the Belt to save a few $$

    Thanks for any reply.

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    It's odds on that if you try and save a few £s you'll regret it. The water pump is prone to get noisy or fail just after a cambelt change. This I think is because the new belt puts the bearing on the pump under much greater pressure than the old belt. As the pump is less than £25 to replace its false economy to skimp on replacing it.

    As for the rollers you'll save a few £s by not replacing them but again it's false economy, get the kit which comes complete with belt and rollers. You can get them on E-Bay for less than £40 if you look around.

    What engine are we talking about here?

    Oh and you'll probably need camshaft locking clamps, factor the price of 2 of those into your equation. Around £25 for the pair. You don't need them as you can cheat and use mole grips but it's a cowboy way of doing it.
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