Posting Videos Tutorial By Sploodge

Following on from the other two guides I have made ( uploading images and resize images ) I thought it would be cool to have an uploading and posting videos guide as well.. Not that many peeps seem to post vids but it might just be of use to someone...

Uploading video files using

First thing you need to do is register for a free account that will allow you to upload videos up to 25Mb in size.

1: Go to and click the "Click here to register" link.

2: Fill out the required info ( make sure you use a valid email address ) and click "Register".

3: They will send you a link to activate the account so check your email.

4: Once you have had the email from them, click the activation link contained in the message.

5: Your account is activated. Click the link and logon with your username and password ( chosen in step 2 ).

Uploading a Video..

1: Once you are logged in you see the following screen. Click "Browse" and select the video file you want to upload ( remember the formats allowed are show to the right of this screen ).

2: Select the type of media ( choose "Video" ). Give the video a title and then select the type of video. Click "Upload Media".

3:Uploading will take some time depending on your Internet speed and the size of the video clip.

4: Once the clip had uploaded you see the below screen. Click the "Copy" button that represents the URL link.

5: Paste the link ( Ctrl + V ) in your AstraSport thread..

6: Done, finish your thread and post it for all to see..