i was wondering if you could help.
I have owned the astra for about a year now and had two erg valves and i have noticed in the cold weather there is a whining noise from the left hand side (as you look into the bonnet) of the engine, it gets louder as you press the accelerator and there is also a tappety noise for about 5 mins till the engine is warm.
The car has about 62k on the clocks and had the cam belt changed around 40k according to the book.
Just wondered if it could be the cam belt again and if there is anything i can do to check it out as it is often hard to get time to visit your garage due to working times.
The car is a 1.6 8v.
Also i have read that there may be an ecu upgrade i just wondered if this was true and if my car could have this and what the cost is.

Sorry if this sounds funny but ts just a pasted email of what i sent to vauxhall tonight.