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Thread: Who got the best deal?

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    Talking Who got the best deal?

    The wife finally let me order my courtenay FMIC yesterday, but it did take a bit of persuasion... Like a new car!

    She's managed to get an 03 plate Convertible Linea Rossa Turbo in Lightening Silver. It's got the Red/Black leather interior and has had fitted at some stage of it's life...

    All bits are Irmscher :- Front spoiler, Backbox, Grille, Heater control rings, door pins and pedals!

    Drives great, but on the test drive you could feel the difference to my hatch as regards body rigidity and I think the weight (or the lack of loud exhaust, cone filter and dump valve) make it feel a bit slower, even though the manufacturers claimed 0-60 times are identical.

    Still, it's a great car and it looks like we'll be in convoy down to PVS this year!!
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