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Thread: My alloys - Need replacing

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    My alloys - Need replacing

    Some of you may be aware I bought some 18s a few months back? Infact, in september. Well they were of the wrong offset. The shop told me they would change them, but wud need to order some in for the astra hatch (he got confused wuth the hatch and coupe apparently)

    Went back about 6 weeks later after noit recieving a phonecall to be told they are being specially made andd they would call me when they were ready. That would of been mid november. Still waiting for the call. Should I go back and swee where they are?

    Thing is my other alloys what are of the wrong offset unfortunatly got slight curb damage when i had to move onut of the way of an oncoming ambulance on a narrow road. Should I have these refurbished first before I take them back or go by the "if you gave me the correct ones in the first place then you wouldnt have to pay to repair em" route?

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    Take 'em back as they are.

    They should have got it right in the first place

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